Saturday, March 6, 2010

Long Winter's Nap

At long last, I pulled the boat out of the storage unit today. Temps were in the high 40s here in Madison, so (with Traci's help) I stepped the mast and hoisted the jib to nark for the jib tracks.

On to drill and fill and redrilled for the jib tracks and finish up a few other miscellaneous items so I can be ready as soon as the lakes thaw!


Nick said...

Hey Jeff, that view from the rear-view mirror is menacing... Hopefully that's the view your competition is going to see just before you pass them!

Jerome - hull 270 said...

Yeah, you are right. Love those mean eyes. That a real competition bad boy you got there ! Looks really sharp. congrats.

Jeff Dalsin said...

Thanks guys! Looking forward to finally getting her in the water soon!