Saturday, November 7, 2009

Man of the Cloth

Well, it was 70 degrees today in Madison. A little indian summer is nice!

I picked up the main and jib this week from Ryan at MadSails, and they look pretty darn good! The luff on the jib is a tad long, so we'll have to work on that, but all in all, I think they look fantastic! See for yourself:

I'm putting a few finishing touches on the boom tonight and then a few coats of paint on the keel and rudder and I will be all set to put her to bed for the winter. :(

Ah, we'll see what the weather gods say over the next few weeks...



jerome said...

Hi Jeff, I am hull 270 from Turkey. Have not started building yet but I carefully went over all of your posts. Great work, really inspirational. Thank you for posting so many great pictures. It makes our newcomers life so much easier. Jerome

Boomka said...

I think you should just throw some more wheels on it and sail it around town like that. I've always wanted to take a sailboat on the road, I think the looks would be hilarious. Of course, the not being able to stop at red lights would be a problem. Yea... that could be dangerous.