Monday, June 21, 2010

PHRFect? Maybe, maybe not...

The i550 now has a rating in Lake Michigan PHRF! The magic number is 120. Yes, it seems rather low. My guess is that the committee in their infinite wisdom decided to rate the boat fast since they weren't sure WTF they were dealing with. Hey, at least they took the step to rate the boat. Good on them for that. We will see how she goes with the club racing here in Madison. PHRF ratings for new designs are naturally in flux.

I expect the certificate by mail tomorrow and will post it here for everyone's reference.

In other news, Traci and I are finally getting settled into our new house so actual work has resumed on the boat.  I've got the rudder cassette re-fitted, the hiking straps mounted, and the keel wet sanded and ready to go on the boat.  we will likely try to get the boat hoisted next weekend to mount the keel.

We're back!!  Stay tuned!